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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Time Seems To Fly

One thing I've noticed over the past several years is that "time seems to fly" by a lot faster now than it did when I was younger. Now I realize that can't possibly happen as there are still 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. So why is it then that the days seem shorter and life seems to be passing by at a faster rate? Well I recently read an article in a Successful Farming Magazine that offered an explanation that I thought I would share with you. Maybe you will agree!

Ever Wonder Why Time Seems to Fly?

Do you think time goes faster today than when you were a child? Here's a possible explanation. Scientists theorize that when you experience something for the first time,you record more details in your memory. Think: summer vacation, birthday party, or first kiss. There are so many things to remember because it's new and fresh to you. When you review those memories, your memory bank is so dense that it seems time moved slowly then. When you drive somewhere for the first time, it seems to take a long time to get there. The more often you drive that route, the shorter it seems. Your memory isn't writing down as much. At Baylor College of Medicine researchers have found that brains use more energy to imprint a memory when the memory is novel.

The one thing I can relate to in this article is the part about driving somewhere. Our family has traveled to Tablerock Lake for the past 20 years for a weeks vacation. The first few times we made the trip it seemed to take "forever" as it is a 6 hour drive. But now, we get in and go and before we know it we are there. Nothing has changed; it's the same amount of miles from point A to point B, we usually make the same stops along the way for fuel and snacks, but it honestly seems to take less time. Now according to the clock it still takes 6 hours. But my - how quickly the time seems to fly!


  1. I have always assumed that time seems to fly by as we get older because we have more time in our past to compare it to. Think of each day as a page in a book. A single page is a big part of the total content of a kid's picture book, but it's an incredibly small fraction of a phone book or encyclopedia. So, as we get older and add more pages, our perception of each page changes slightly, always making the days seem shorter and shorter.

  2. Time is an inexplicable mystery!!!